New September Nintendo Direct leaks suggest it could get an air date of 13th September. According to Splatoon data-miner OatmealDome, Splatoon 2 updates have been pushed back a week.

The latest Nintendo Direct announcement was initially meant to happen earlier this week on the 6th. However, due to the tragic events of the Hokkaido, Japan earthquake, Nintendo made the decision to postpone it.

The new leaks suggest that the September Nintendo Direct announcement will be on September 13th, a day before the Splatoon 2 update. So what else will be revealed?

Yoshi for Nintendo Switch Confirmed as Yoshi’s Crafted World

Fans caught on fast as the Yoshi for Nintendo Switch game turned into “Yoshi’s Crafted World” on the official Nintendo website.

The side-scroller has been in the works since 2017. However, it had no official title until now. Expect to see more news on Yoshi’s Crafted World in the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

Final Fantasy XV Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Although the September 6th Nintendo Direct didn’t go ahead, there’s a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD on the official FF XV YouTube channel.

The graphic at the end confirms the game will be making its appearance on the Switch, in addition to Xbox One and PS4!

This is exciting news for Final Fantasy fans. With rumors of a new Square Enix character in Smash Bros, we might even see an FF15 rep.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Updates – Skull Kid and Bandana Dee?

It’s very likely that we’ll see some new Smash Bros Ultimate news in the upcoming September Nintendo Direct. Many rumors of new characters have been circulating with Skull Kid and Isaac looking like the safest bets.

A very convincing leak posted on 4chan showed Skull Kid and Bandana Dee fighting on a new Poke Floats stage. Although the leak seems to be fake, it’s not out of the question to see these characters announced soon.

Another recent leak showed images of the Chorus Kids (Rhythm Heaven), Agnes (Bravely Default), and Isaac/Matthew (Golden Sun). However, this was also debunked.

Next Nintendo Direct – September 13?

Evidence points toward a new date of September 13th or even earlier for the next Nintendo Direct. While nothing is confirmed, it’s likely to air soon before new leaks emerge.

Other games such as Ubisoft’s Sports Party, StarFox Grand Prix, Bayonetta 3, and Metroid Prime 4 may also appear in the broadcast. 

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