It’s long been known that world-famous football superstar Neymar Jr. is also a huge fan of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the past, he’s made social media posts about playing CS:GO with members of the Brazilian national squad and even MIBR players FalleN and coldzera. Apparently, his love for the game is still intact- check out this slick Neymar CS:GO AWP ACE.


Neymar took to Instagram to show off the 1v5 ACE he pulled off in Competitive Matchmaking.

The clip takes place on Mirage. Although it starts out as a 2v5, his teammate dies very quickly after he gets the first kill for his side.

With just a tiny amount of HP left, the striker manages to pick off 3 more enemies in mid. He then goes to plant the bomb at B and plays with the last enemy before capping his ace off with a knife.

Neymar CS:GO Rank

This isn’t the first time Neymar has shown off his skills. He’s one of the many celebrities who play CS:GO, although he’s easily the biggest.

He’s also posted clips of him playing the game in the past. A SnapChat image from 2018 showed that he plays at the Gold Nova 4 rank. However, it’s likely he will have ranked up since then.

Neymar CSGO

His CS:GO skills aren’t quite on par with his football skills. However, it’s likely he currently plays at around Gold Nova 4 or Master Guardian.

Neymar CS:GO Squad

His latest Instagram post also showed some of the other Brazilian football players Neymar plays CS:GO with.

He tagged Raphael Costa, Gabriel de Jesus, Lucas Lima, and Bruno Agnello.

The Brazil squad have shown their love for Counter-Strike many times. In fact, the Brazil team played CS:GO during the World Cup last year, as shown on Neymar’s SnapChat story.

It isn’t much of a surprise when you consider the huge following CS:GO has in Brazil. Still, it’s exciting to see such a huge star show so much interest in the game.

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