It looks likely that the next Smash Bros Nintendo Direct will be in September, announcing new updates to Smash Bros Ultimate. In fact, some leaks and rumors have already pinned it down as September 24.

When is the next Nintendo Direct for Smash Bros Ultimate?

There’s no solid date for the next Smash Bros Direct, but it looks like we’ll be getting two Nintendo Directs this month.

Nintendo recently confirmed a Nintendo Direct covering new 3DS and Switch games for September 6th. If we’re lucky, we might get some new Smash Bros Ultimate information.

There’s also a Nintendo Direct set for later this month, covering the new Nintendo Switch Online service. A Tweet on the Nintendo Japan Twitter translates to:

The official start of the paid online service “Nintendo Switch Online” is scheduled for the second half of September this year (not from September 1).  We will inform you of the schedule of the official start at the later date on the Nintendo website and this Twitter account.

Interestingly, a recent leak suggested there’d be a Smash Bros Direct on September 12th. However, there isn’t much to substantiate this claim.

Other rumors say that a Smash Bros Direct will take place on September 24, just after the Tokyo Game Show 2018.

Nintendo will be attending the Tokyo Game Show for the first time ever. While their booth is meant for business appointments, fans believe it makes for the perfect time for a surprise Smash Bros announcement.

Next Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: Skull Kid and Isaac Reveal?

The next Nintendo Direct should announce the launch of Nintendo Switch Online. It’s likely the next Smash Bros Nintendo Direct will talk about how online play will work in Smash Bros Ultimate.

However, with so many characters rumored to be announced before launch, we may see a couple more revealed.

The most glaring hints point towards Golden Sun Isaac and Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate. If any characters get their reveal in September, it’s most likely to be these two.

We may also see the announcement of Echo Fighters like Ken and Shadow very soon. Stay tuned!

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