According to recent Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaks, we should see the next Nintendo Direct in January 2019. Nothing is confirmed, Nintendo regularly showcase new games in January, and there could even be a new Smash Bros Nintendo Direct announcement.

When Is The Next Nintendo Direct?

No solid date has been announced, but a recent Smash Bros Ultimate leak claims there’s a Nintendo Direct in January.

Next Nintendo Direct Leaks

This makes sense. Nintendo regularly broadcast Direct presentations in January, usually to announce new games and consoles.

Rumors hint at January 10th, although nothing is set in stone. In the past few years, Nintendo Directs have taken place between the 11th-17th of January. Expect an announcement around these dates.

January Nintendo Direct – What Will It Include?

The January Nintendo Direct usually features news on new Nintendo games and consoles.

Many Switch games are set for release in 2019, such as the new Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime 4. There will also be new NES games for Nintendo Switch Online in January. The next Direct will likely cover games such as these.

Earlier this year, Wall Street Journal reported there will be a new version of the Nintendo Switch console in 2019. The new version will have a better and larger screen. It’s possible that news on this will also be featured in the next Nintendo Direct.

Next Nintendo Direct in January – Smash Ultimate News?

It’s likely that there’ll be some form of Smash Bros Ultimate news. With the Piranha Plant and Joker DLC release dates still to come, it’d be the ideal time to announce them. Many rumors have also surfaced about the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character.

While there’s likely to be some new Smash Bros Ultimate news, the January Nintendo Direct will likely focus on many different games.

Look out for news on the next Nintendo Direct in early January. Directs are usually announced a few days before broadcast via the Nintendo Twitter.

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