The same user who leaked Ridley and Simon Belmont being in Smash Bros Ultimate has now suggested that Street Fighter Ken will be in Smash Bros.

In a thread on GameFAQs forum about fake Smash Ultimate leaks, Vergeben said to trash it if it doesn’t include Ken.

Street Fighter Ken Leaked for Smash Bros Ultimate?

Ken from Street Fighter seems like a logical inclusion for the roster. While he could act as a whole new fighter, he may also be an Echo Fighter for Ryu.

The last Smash Bros Nintendo Direct revealed three Echo Fighters. It’s easy to believe that we’ll see many more of these.

The Smash Bros Ultimate Direct also revealed that Smash 5 will have 800 tracks, including 36 tracks from the Street Fighter franchise.

New Smash Bros Leaks Ken

Smash Bros Ultimate has 36 Street Fighter Tracks – Source

“Vega Stage” from Street Fighter II is even available to listen to on the Smash Bros Official Website.

If Ken makes it to the Smash Bros roster, we might see a new Street Fighter stage alongside Suzaku Castle.

More New Smash Ultimate Leaks: Minecraft and Gen 7 Pokemon

In Vergeben’s other recent activity, he also doubled down on Smash Bros having some kind of Minecraft representation. When asked about it in a post, he responded with:

I haven’t heard anything against it since hearing about it if that’s what you’re asking.

That means we may see Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros. Although, he may come in the form of an Assist Trophy, similar to other indie characters like Shovel Knight.

He also still supports the leak that a Gen 7 Pokemon will be in Smash Bros. In another post he said:

I heard from two Smash sources that it isn’t Decidueye, Lycanroc, or Mimikyu.

He’s claimed in the past that this could be Incineroar, although he still needs more confirmation.

We’ll be keeping on top of all of the latest Smash Bros Leaks and Rumors leading up to the launch.

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