Many tournaments and events have now given players the opportunity to play all of the new Smash Bros Ultimate characters. Meanwhile, Smash Bros pros have been creating their prospective Smash Bros Ultimate tier lists.

So far, ZeRo, Nairo, Dabuz, Abadango, and Marcbri have shown theirs. Here’s what to expect from the launch roster characters.

ZeRo Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

ZeRo originally created his tier list on a Twitch stream but later elaborated on it in a YouTube video. So far, he ranks characters like Pikachu, Olimar, Bayonetta, Diddy Kong, and Marth/Lucina as the best in the game.

Characters like Kirby, Bowser, Ridley, and Samus are currently ranked low. However, with some buffs, these characters could move up.

Nairo Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Nairo also made his own Smash Ultimate Tier List on a Twitch stream.

Nairo Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Characters like Diddy Kong, Marth/Lucina, and Pikachu still score strongly. Other top-tier characters for Nairo include Mewtwo, King K Rool, Snake, and Inkling.

Abadango Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Abadango’s Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List was posted on Twitter.

Mew2King also gave his input on Abadango’s tier list, agreeing that Pikachu and Olimar could be contenders for the best character. However, he believes Ken should be ranked higher.

Dabuz Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Smash 4 pro player Dabuz also made a Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List in a Twitter post.

So far, characters like Mewtwo, Marth, Diddy Kong, and Bayonetta have been considered very favorably by pros.

Marcbri Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Spanish Smash pro Marcbri also gave his input on Twitter.

Top picks for Marcbri include Bayonetta, Cloud, and Diddy Kong. He leaves many characters unranked due to a lack of information.

Combined Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

Reddit user u/inktivate combined all of the current Smash Bros Ultimate Tier Lists from pros into one, averaged tier list. Here’s what the results look like.

There are some clear trends in who the current best characters (Pikachu, Sheik, Marth/Lucina, Diddy Kong, Olimar) and worst characters (Bowser, Palutena, Dr. Mario, Kirby) are.

However, a lot can change and it’s very likely characters will be balanced out in updates as the game goes on.

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