The Japanese Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter playlist has been set to Unlisted. The “New” icon is no longer on the ‘Fighters’ link on the Smash Bros website. These are both things to happen before a new Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter reveal in the past, suggesting we could get one very soon!

The changes were quickly spotted by Smash Bros fans across GameFAQs and Reddit.

The "New" symbol by the Fighters tab on the official website was REMOVED from smashbros

So what does all this mean for fans?

Next Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Coming in October?

The Fighter playlist changing to Unlisted and website updating certainly suggests we’ll get something. We could even see an announcement for a new Nintendo Direct, based on the timeline of previous reveals.

Sakurai has told fans to expect announcements to slow down. But with the previous Smash Bros Direct revealing 5 characters, it’s not absurd to think we’ll still get two or more before the December 7 launch date.

Who’s the Next Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter?

With Halloween coming soon, now would be the perfect time to reveal Skull Kid in Smash Bros Ultimate. Sakurai’s previous Smash Bros Direct video seemed to hint at him- not to mention he’s the most popular character in recent fan polls.

One fan posted a Tweet about Medusa in Smash Bros Ultimate that voice actor Summer Cree liked and retweeted before retracting it shortly afterwards. It could mean nothing, but Skull Kid and Medusa would be perfect character reveals for Halloween.

Some of the latest Smash Ultimate leaks suggest Incineroar and Ken will be in the Smash Bros Ultimate launch roster. Another popular rumor is Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate. Isaac, Shadow the Hedgehog, and a mystery Square Enix character have also been noted as possibilities.

We’ll definitely be getting something soon. Follow @Elecspo to keep up with all the latest Smash Bros Ultimate news and rumors.

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