While it currently looks like the Smash Bros Ultimate launch roster will boast at least 70 characters (plus Echo Fighters), it’s more than likely more will come in the form of DLC. We previously covered some of the most likely new Smash Bros Ultimate characters and Echo Fighters, including Banjo Kazooie, Dixie Kong, Shadow, and more. But here are 10 more possibilities for Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters.

10. Professor Layton

This one is a little out there, but the puzzle-solving professor could genuinely make it into the game at some point. Professor Layton games are published by Nintendo and appear exclusively on their handhelds. One Redditor even made a Professor Layton character concept to show how he could be utilized in Smash Bros Ultimate.

9. Phoenix Wright

Another mainstay on Nintendo handhelds, Phoenix Wright could stop fights with a simple OBJECTION! But seriously, the Ace Attorney has already shown his fighting skills in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, a move to Smash Bros Ultimate isn’t out of the question. YouTuber Superfire49 even made a conceptual release trailer.

8. Doom Slayer

DOOM is one of the most iconic game series of all time. While some might know him as the marine or Doomguy, the main character is said to be called the Doom Slayer. Now that the latest DOOM has reached the Switch, maybe Doom Slayer could be in Smash Bros Ultimate. It’d be worth it for the music alone.

Doomguy Newcomer Concept UPDATE from smashbros

7. Lloyd Irving

It might seem odd to suggest a character from 2004. But Tales of Symphonia’s Lloyd Irving has been hugely popular in recent Smash Bros Ultimate fan polls. He’s previously appeared in Soulcalibur Legends on the Wii, so bringing his twin blades to Smash would be an easy transition.

6. Waluigi

This one seems a little less likely since Waluigi is already a Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophy. However, Sakurai has broken long-standing traditions before and with the enormous fan-demand for Waluigi, he may just add him as DLC. There’s even a fan petition with over 43,000 signatures!

5. Rex/Pyra

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 has had huge sales on the Switch and fans have already been calling for some Smash Bros Ultimate representation. Rex and Pyra seem like the most likely choice, and while the game is still relatively fresh, they could give Shulk some competition in Ultimate later on down the line.

4. Shantae

She’s not exactly the biggest household name, but Shantae scores incredibly well on many fan polls, even beating out characters like Geno and Waluigi. The half-genie has made many appearances on Nintendo platforms, with the games being known as something of a cult classic.

Most Wanted Smash Ultimate Characters in Reddit Fan Poll

Most Underrated Original Fighters – from Reddit Fan Poll

3. Paper Mario

We already have Mario and Dr. Mario, but let’s face it, how much better would Paper Mario’s moveset be? Paper Mario is a series that has stood the test of time, mainly thanks to its unique and innovative gameplay. This is also one widely called for by fans and one Nintendo would find it easy to add. Redditor Tevlev14 made a great gif to show how his moveset could look.

PAPER MARIO – Visualized Moveset GIF from smashbros

2. Minecraft Steve

Suggesting Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate a few months ago would’ve seemed completely bizarre. But it’s hard to ignore the information coming from various sources. If Minecraft Steve doesn’t make it in, at least expect some kind of Minecraft content, such as a stage and Assist Trophy.

1. Sora

Sora in Smash Bros Ultimate seems extremely likely. The creators are happy to see it happen, Sakurai and Nomura have a great working relationship, and Sora would fit right into the Smash Bros Ultimate roster. This one should happen at some point or another.

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