Thanks to new leaks and data mines, we now know many of the boss battles featured in Smash Bros Ultimate. Recently leaked game files have brought about all kinds of information, from World of Light cutscenes to 1,297 Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits. Here is the list of Smash Bros Ultimate Bosses leaked from Reddit.

Smash Bros Ultimate Boss Battles

Smash Bros Ultimate boss battles will feature both in Classic Mode and the World of Light Story Mode.

Each character has their own Classic Mode campaign, where they fight through various characters to face a larger boss at the end. While previous games usually featured a boss battle with Master Hand or Crazy Hand, many new boss characters are featured in Ultimate.

Previous footage from gaming news outlets has shown us some of the current boss battles in the game. For instance, Mario will fight Giga Bowser, Wolf will face off against Galleom, and Roy will fight Master Hand at the end of his Classic Mode run. Rathalos from Monster Hunter also features as a boss battle for Duck Hunt Duo.

New Smash Bros Ultimate Bosses Leaked

The recent Smash Bros Ultimate leaks have revealed some new boss characters in the game. The full list of bosses now includes Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Dracula, Giga Bowser, Rathalos, Ganon, and Marx.

Ganon was previously speculated as a boss for Sheik after appearing in a recent Smash Bros Ultimate trailer.  He appears as a boss for Link according to leaked footage from Emulzion.

Likewise, Marx appears as a boss character for Kirby and possibly other characters from the series.

Some new bosses specific to the Smash Bros series also appear. Galeem is the antagonist in the World of Light Story Mode, while Darz (or Dharkon) is its dark counterpart. There may also be a fused version of both light and dark forms as a boss battle, most likely as a final boss in World of Light. These characters can be seen in the leaked World of Light cutscenes.

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