There are two new faces in the Green Wall- MSL and niko. OpTic Gaming is making some big changes to their CS:GO team. Shortly after the departure of cajunb, MSL and niko are now part of the new OpTic CS:GO roster. Here’s more on the latest roster changes.

MSL and niko Join OpTic CS:GO Roster

After a lackluster year for the Danish OpTic Gaming team, some new players have been brought in to turn things around. Former Rogue players niko and MSL are now part of the OpTic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team.

The new roster additions come shortly after the departure of cajunb. Despite being one of the better players on the team, it seems cajunb will now seek new opportunities while a new player takes his place.

MSL is the former in-game leader of North and Rogue. He previously played with OpTic player k0nfig on North before the two parted ways. His tactical discipline should bring some structure to the struggling team.

OpTic has also brought in niko, who played alongside MSL on Rogue. He was also previously part of OpTic Gaming before refrezh took his place. He’s now back to play alongside his fellow Danes.

Snappi and JuGi Out of OpTic Gaming?

With the addition of two new players, one of the previous players will have to be cut from the team. OpTic hasn’t made an announcement on who will leave next, but there are two key players who seem like the most likely to depart.

Snappi is the current IGL of OpTic Gaming. With MSL, a dedicated in-game leader, now in the team, it seems likely that Snappi may have to leave.

However, there were also previous rumors of JuGi departing from OpTic. Whether the new additions will cause him to stay is yet to be seen.

The two other players on the roster are k0nfig and refrezh. However, as two of the team’s most stable and promising players, it seems unlikely either of these will go. More news will likely come out soon.

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