New rumors suggest that the new mousesports lineup could include Karrigan, woxic, Frozen, ropz, and ChrisJ. This comes from a screenshot which shows the five players practicing together, seemingly in a scrim against North. Will this be the new mousesports CS:GO roster?

mousesports praccing with karrigan, woxic, frozen, ropz and chrisJ
byu/mnLcs inGlobalOffensive

New mousesports Lineup?

It’s no secret that the mousesports CS:GO team will make major changes this year. The team recently dropped both chrisJ and STYKO, leaving a 3 person roster of ropz, sunNy, and oskar.

A new screenshot from Reddit user u/mnLcs suggests we may see even more extreme changes to the team.

New mousesports CS:GO roster

The picture shows Karrigan, woxic, Frozen, ropz, and ChrisJ playing together. This suggests that sunNy and oskar may leave the team in place of these new players.

This matches recent CS:GO roster change rumors, which suggest that sunNy will go to Cloud9 while Frozen and karrigan join mousesports.

However, woxic is another surprise. This means the team may get rid of longtime AWPer oskar in place of the Turkish player.

A Better Team for mousesports?

Despite a very strong early 2018 with multiple event wins, mousesports has struggled recently.

The team brought in Snax to replace STYKO. But after he didn’t fit into the team, they brought STYKO back in an effort to mend team performance.

Since then, they’ve had a string of poor showings. Most recently, the team failed to qualify for the IEM Katowice 2019 major despite being the top-ranked team in the qualifier.

If the new team gels together well, it could be a new beginning for mousesports. Karrigan is an experienced in-game leader who led FaZe to many victories in early 2018.

Frozen is an upcoming CS:GO prodigy with a 1.17 rating at just 16. Similar to ropz, he could gain experience in mousesports and become a top player.

Woxic is a top AWPer who currently plays for HellRaisers. While it’s questionable whether he out skills oskar, he could provide a much-needed change to the team.

The return of ChrisJ also seems questionable. With both a new AWPer and new IGL, chrisJ might struggle with roles. However, he has a wealth of experience with mousesports, playing multiple in-game roles in the past.

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