The new G2 CS:GO roster changes will surprise many fans. After months of lackluster results, the French lineup has had a major roster shuffle. IGL Ex6TenZ and support player Smithzz are out while Lucky and Jackz join the team.

The French CS:GO scene has long suffered from regular reshuffles of old players. The new G2 CS:GO roster brings in some new blood, which could make things very interesting for the team going forward. A statement from Ex6 also sheds some light on the changes, including the fact that shox is now IGL.

New G2 CS:GO Roster Changes – Lucky and Jackz Join

The new G2 CS:GO Roster brings in some fresh faces. Lucky and Jackz have come to replace Ex6 and Smithzz.

Lucas ‘Lucky’ Chastang has been playing with 3DMAX and other French CS:GO rosters throughout 2018. The 20-year-old player has amassed a 1.16 rating this year, showing great potential.

Similarly, Audric ‘JaCkz’ Jug has a 1.13 rating in 2018. He’s been playing alongside Lucky in 3DMAX and putting up solid stats. With new talent and a new mindset, this duo could take G2 back to their former glory.

The French CS:GO scene could change a lot in 2019. With the new French Team Vitality CS:GO roster and now major G2 CS:GO Roster changes, there’s a lot to look forward to for French fans.

Ex6TeNz Statement On G2 CS:GO Roster Changes

Many fans will be shocked at G2 dropping their IGL Ex6TeNz. The legendary French in-game leader was brought in to bring some structure to the team.

However, according to his statement on Twitter, the team will now be led by shox. Ex6 had the chance to stay over bodyy but chose not to. He noted that he felt he needed time to implement what he wanted to implement, but the team felt differently.

Here’s a rough English translation of Ex6TenZ’s French statement.

Ex6TenZ Statement on G2 Roster Changes

Despite opinions differing, Ex6 still has respect for his former teammates and organization.

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