A brand new French CS:GO team featuring NBK, apEX, Happy, RPK, and ZywOo has been formed. The team plays its first match today against 3DMAX in the GG.BET IEM Chicago Qualifier.

So how can you watch their first match and what should we expect from this team?

New French CS:GO Team – Vitality?

French teams in CS:GO have been historically unstable. ‘French shuffle’ is a term regularly used when it comes to roster changes, with French teams constantly trading around players.

The new French CS:GO team has been in the works for a while. After EnVyUs disbanding and G2 changing its roster, many of the top French CS:GO stars found themselves without a roster.

NBK and apEX, formerly of G2, now join up with RPK and Happy of EnVyUs. They’re also joined by upcoming French superstar ZywOo.

The current top French CS:GO team, G2, has experienced a severe downturn. Even team manager Ocelote has openly expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

G2 consists of shox, Smithzz, kennyS, bodyy, and Ex6TenZ. While initially put together as a French superteam, the roster has failed to win a single event since dropping apEX and NBK.

With the experience of former major winners Happy, NBK, and apEX, along with the fragging power of RPK and ZywOo, Waterboys has the chance to be the best French team in CS:GO.

But they won’t be Waterboys for long. This is the hottest team on the market, and rumors say they’ll soon be signed by the Vitality organization.

New French CS:GO Team Waterboys vs 3DMAX – 1st October

You can see the team in action today (1st of October 2018) against 3DMAX at 17:00 CEST (16:00 GMT/11:00 ET).

While most of the French players have played together before in various French shuffles, this is the first time this lineup is playing together.

For more information on the match and how to watch it, check the HLTV.org match page. Let’s see what the new French team can do.

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