A new Fortnite gun leak shows a brand new weapon being introduced to Fortnite Save the World! The new pistol ties into the Fortnitemares Part 2 event in Fortnite Save the World and has some impressive stats. The new Fortnite gun and its stats were posted on StormShield.

New Fortnite Gun Leak – Ghost Pistol

The new Fortnite STW gun should come to the game soon. The description shows that it’s part of the ongoing Fortnitemares event in Save The World.

Pistol: Fortnitemares. A slow firing pistol that shoots ghostly projectiles that pass through walls and enemies.

The Fortnite Ghost Pistol will likely work well with defenders. The stats show it can pierce through walls and has no damage fall-off at long range. The Ghost Pistol should come soon as part of the Fortnitemares Part 2 event.

The Fortnite v6.22 update was added the other day. Some changes to Save the World include new Fortnitemares quests and the Candy Corn Light Machine Gun as a quest reward. You can see what else is new in the Fortnite 6.22 patch notes.

More Fortnite 6.22 Leaks – New NFL Skins and Cosmetics

The new STW pistol isn’t the only Fortnite 6.22 leak to surface. Other Fortnite 6.22 leaks include Fortnite NFL skins and cosmetics coming to Battle Royale, as well as new Hunting Party cosmetics.

Some of the new leaked skins include customizable NFL skins that players can change to their favorite teams and numbers.

The new NFL skins will come to the game on November 9th. A range of new pickaxes and back bling will also follow for Fortnite 6.22. The new NFL additions come as part of Fortnite’s partnership with the NFL.

Although the Fortnitemares theme has ended for Fortnite Battle Royale, there’s still plenty of fun for Season 6. The latest update includes a new Heavy Assault Rifle, Team Terror mode, and even a fast-paced Blitz mode.

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