A new DBFZ character is now available DLC.

Android 17 will join the impressive cast of characters in DragonBall FighterZ. DBFZ has quickly become the most popular fighting game in the world. In its debut year, it has held the largest number of attendance at both Combo Breaker 2018 and Evo 2018.

Android 17 will released alongside non-canon DragonBallZ character Cooler. The pair are expected to be the last set of new DBFZ characters until 2019.

New DBFZ Character?

Android 17 has already been included in the game as Android 18’s sidekick. The DragonBallZ era 17 will work his way into 18’s combo strings and accompany her specials.



However, Android 17 will be based off of his Dragonball Super era. This should come as a delight to fans — Android 17’s character development was one of the high points of DBS.

In addition, the crafty ranger’s resourcefulness should lead to some creative character design on the technical side of things. Still, perhaps the “new” label is a beat misleading, as 17 will continue his role as 17’s sidekick in addition to being his own character.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe mentioned a full moveset video tomorrow. Make sure to check back for updates regarding the new DBFZ character and his release.

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