The new CS:GO updates for November 5th include new Cobblestone updates, changes to the scoreboard, and Biome and Subzero in the Competitive map pool. The Halloween Cobblestone makeover is gone, but the new layout remains with some minor gameplay changes. Here’s more on the latest CS:GO updates.

New CS:GO Updates: New Cobblestone Changes

The new Cobblestone updates have removed the Halloween cosmetics, but the fresh changes to the map’s layout remain.

CS:GO Cobblestone Updates A Site

A Site still has some leftover coffins for the plant site. However, you can no longer self-boost on the wall and will need a teammate to help you up.

CS:GO Cobblestone Updates A Wall

However, with the added barrels, self-boosting in drop room is now easier than ever.

CS:GO Cobblestone Updates Drop Boost

B Site looks more or less the same, although there is now no obstacles to hide behind on B long.

CS:GO Cobblestone Updates B Long

There are now windows in B Halls which players can exploit with nades.

CS:GO Cobblestone Updates B Windows

The rest of the map looks largely the same as the Halloween Cobblestone update, only without the spooky cosmetics.

New CS:GO Updates: Scoreboard Changes

The CS:GO scoreboard in Competitive matchmaking now shows you the earliest point the match could end. The ‘clinch market’ makes it easy to tell what your team (or the other team) has to aim for to win.

CS:GO Scoreboard Updates

Stats have also been updated for Demolition and Flying Scoutsman. The scoreboard also supports any number of rounds now, so stats won’t be reset in games that go into overtime.

New CS:GO Updates: Biome and Subzero Added to Competitive

Recently added maps Biome and Subzero are now in the Competitive matchmaking map pool!

Players can now play the fresh new maps in Competitive mode. Although the maps aren’t in the Active Duty map pool, there could be some interesting changes in the future. With the CS:GO Cache remake coming soon, we may see some major changes to the pro map pool.

You can read more on the new CS:GO updates on the CS:GO blog.

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