CS:GO leaks show that there are some new CS:GO updates coming. It looks like there’ll be a Panorama UI update featuring a Lite Mode. This should give CS:GO a performance boost, meaning those on lower-end PCs will be able to run it better. Leaks also suggest there will be some new Menu buttons, maybe to feature Stats and other additions.

New CS:GO Updates – Panorama UI Update?

The new leak initially came from a video by МОЛЕКУРЯТНИК, a Russian CS:GO YouTuber known for leaking updates such as the MP5-SD and the upcoming CS:GO Heist Mode.

The latest video was translated and reported by Nors3 on Twitter. Apparently, there are new CS:GO updates coming which will change the home menu in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

A new ‘Lite Mode’ would allow players with lower PC specs to run CS:GO better. This may even suggest we’ll get some performance upgrades in-game as well as on the UI. An FPS boost would be a huge upgrade for players.

There have also been additions to the code for new menu items. This could mean multiple things, such as Stats and Achievements pages or even some brand new additions to the game.

More CS:GO Leaks – CS:GO Heist Mode and New Cache

These aren’t the only updates coming to CS:GO. A previous leak showed that developers are currently working on a new CS:GO Heist Mode, where players will aim to rob a bank.

The new CS:GO Cache remake is also well underway. According to recent updates from FMPONE, it looks like we’ll see the Cache rehaul later in 2019.

It seems that many big CS:GO updates are yet to come in 2019. We may see a significant update to the game after the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major in February. Whether this will come in the form of a new CS:GO operation or not is yet to be seen.

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