The new CS:GO update rolled out earlier and the FACEIT Major CS:GO stickers, player autographs, and team graffitis are now available in the game!

The Challengers Stage of the FACEIT CS:GO London Major starts just under a week away, lasting from 5 – 9 September. 16 teams will battle it out, with the top 8 moving on to the New Legends stage from September 12 –  16.

The top 8 from the New Legends Stage will then battle it out to take home the first place trophy along with $500,000 of the 1 million dollar prize pool. You can view the full FACEIT London Major team list here.

FACEIT Major New CS:GO Stickers and Graffitis

The new CS:GO stickers for the FACEIT London Major look great. Some teams have taken a unique design approach- such as FaZe’s hollow logo and Team Liquid representing the flags of USA, Canada, and Brazil.

New CS:GO Stickers for FACEIT Major Legends Teams

New CS:GO Stickers for FACEIT Major Returning Teams

Virtus Pro have decided to stick with the orange and white rather than their new green and purple color scheme.

New CS:GO Stickers for FACEIT Major Minor Qualifier Teams

Graffitis are also available for all 24 CS:GO Major Teams. You can use these to spray your favorite team logo on CS:GO maps.

FACEIT Major New CS:GO Player Autograph Stickers

Every player at the FACEIT London Major also gets their own CS:GO player autograph sticker. Whether you want to support s1mple or pashabiceps, you can buy a sticker to tote their name on your gun.

New FACEIT London Major Player Autograph Stickers –

FACEIT London 2018 Pick’em Challenge

The player and team stickers allow you to participate in the London 2018 Pick’em Challenge. You can choose which teams you think will win every stage of the major.

Go to the “Watch” tab in CS:GO to make your own FACEIT London Major Predictions

Steam have a FACEIT 2018 London CS:GO Major Championship Mega Bundle available. This gives you the sticker and graffiti of all 24 teams at the major!

It’s a fun way to get involved in the 2018 CS:GO Major. What’s more, 50% of the proceeds from stickers and sprays will go straight to the players and orgs so you can support your favorite CS:GO teams and players.

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