The new CS:GO update for 3rd October has enabled the MP5 in CS:GO Competitive Matchmaking. New FBI Counter-Terrorist skins have also been added to certain maps. Here are all the latest updates on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

MP5 in CS:GO Competitive Matchmaking

The MP5-SD hit the game all the way back on August 16th. But up until now, the gun was only available to use in Wingman and Casual matchmaking.

The gun was even disabled for the FACEIT London Major. But as of today, you can now use the MP5 in competitive matchmaking!

Not much has changed with the MP5 since its launch. The SMG still has similar stats to the MP7, but with the added benefit of a silencer. You can check out our CS:GO MP5-SD review for more details.

The FBI in New CS:GO Update

The new CS:GO update also adds new FBI character skins to the game!

You can see the new FBI character model on the CT side in three maps: Nuke, Agency, and Office. Here’s how they look in-game.

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team and the MP5-SD were staples of Counter-Strike 1.6, so these new updates will definitely give some old players a throwback.

New CS:GO Skin Drops

You can now get skins from the 2018 Inferno collection and 2018 Nuke collection in rank-up drops. That means you have a chance of getting skins such as the AK 47 Safety Net, M4A4 Converter, and the MP5-SD Dirt Drop.

The update has also added some small changes to maps and bug fixes. You can view the full Release Notes on the CS:GO blog.

Unfortunately, there are no major game changers in the latest CS:GO update. Most fans will be left disappointed, especially with no update on the next CS:GO operation. But with the major in hindsight and Winter being a prime time for big CS:GO updates, there could be something big soon.

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