A CS:GO Battle Royale mode could be coming very soon. The new CS:GO Survival Mode has been rumored for a long time. Game files for the new mode were found by data miners all the way back in 2016. However, Twitter user Nors3 recently found a Valve employee testing a Survival map.

Since then, the Valve developer in question confirmed the mode to ValveNewsNetwork. This clears up many rumors and suggests CS:GO Survival Mode could be closer than expected.

CS:GO Survival Mode – Battle Royale

The new mode, titled Survival, is expected to play out like a Battle Royale game. According to rumors, the mode will feature brand new items in a last-man-standing style game.

A previous video by ValveNewsNetwork covered many of the CS:GO Survival Mode data leaks found in the game. This includes things such as sonar pulses and beacons.

The mode will likely work similar to other Battle Royale games, such as PUBG and Call of Duty: BO4 Blackout mode. However, it’s likely it will be on a smaller scale with less players and possibly a smaller map.

The new map in testing is titled xl_enclave. The fact that Valve have been openly testing it recently suggests that the new mode could make it to the game very soon.

When Will CS:GO Survival Mode Be Released?

There’s no word on when the new game mode will make it to the game. All we have to go off currently is speculation.

Many big updates in the past have launched around December time. If a big Christmas holiday update comes to CS:GO, it’s likely we could see the new Survival mode in action.

Some fans also speculate the new mode could come packaged with a new CS:GO operation. It’s been over a year since the last operation ended- the longest wait of any operation yet.

Although Valve seem to have focused more on small updates this year, releasing a new game mode would be the perfect addition to the next CS:GO operation.

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