Speculation tells us we’ll see a new CS:GO operation in 2018 very soon.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest there’s a new gun, remade maps, and brand new skins coming in 2018. Here’s what to expect from the next CS:GO operation.

New CS:GO Gun 2018

Shortly after the Panorama beta release, a YouTuber uncovered game files for a new MP5 gun in CS:GO!

There have already been substantial rumors of the gun being worked on for the past year. With new animations being added to Panorama, it’s very likely the MP5 will be part of the next CS:GO operation.

New CS:GO Maps 2018

Like with every operation, players will get to play on some brand new maps, as well as some old favorites.

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FMPONE, the creator of de_cache, has been hard at work on de_subzero. The map looks like a shoe-in for the next CS:GO operation.

Usually, popular maps from old operations are also included. That means we might see the return of maps like Zoo, Season and Santorini! Here are some other new maps we might see in the game.

CS:GO Cache Remake and Cobble Remake

In addition to new maps, expect to see some changes in competitive maps.

Last year, Dust II was removed from the Active Duty map pool for 8 months for a remake. Back in April, it was swapped back in with de_cobble being taken out.

There’s been no news or leaks since of the Cobblestone remake, but it is a possibility that it makes its way back into the next CS:GO operation.

However, there have been leaks regarding a remake of FMPONE’s staple map, Cache.

It’s clear that Cache is getting the next uphaul, but will it be swapped out of the competitive map pool for the new Cobble? Or will we have to wait longer to see these map changes? Only time will tell.

New CS:GO Cases – New Knife Skins? Player Skins?

Every new CS:GO Operation also comes with a new case full of fresh skins for your guns and gloves.

We’re not sure what we’ll see quite yet, but we expect things like a new AWP skin, AK skin, new Glove skin, and maybe even some MP5 skins. It’s also been a while since we saw a new knife.

With the new Panorama UI showing the updated player model at the forefront, Valve could be working on full player skins. These are some of the most popular items in games like Overwatch and Fortnite, so it’s definitely a possibility.

When is the next CS:GO operation coming out?

While there’s been no word from Valve, it looks like the new CS:GO operation could come as early as this month.

The last one, Operation Hydra, ran from May – November 2017. With nearly a year in between, it’s likely we’ll see a new one soon.

With Panorama UI expected to be fully implemented this week, Valve’s next priority will be the next operation. Some fans have speculated it could come packaged in with the full Panorama release. If not, expect to see it within the next couple of months.

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