The new CS:GO MP5SD is now live! Use it by switching out your MP7 in your Inventory Loadout and you can test it right now in Casual and Deathmatch servers.

It comes as part of the new CS:GO update, which also adds the ability to advertise your solo queue lobbies to nearby players. Panorama UI has also been updated to work with Windows XP and Vista, and various bugs have been fixed.

CS:GO MP5-SD Stats vs. MP7 Stats

The new CS:GO MP5-SD is $1,500, the same price as the MP7. Let’s look at the stats head to head.

The stats are virtually identical right now. Although the MP7 offers 29 damage as opposed to 27, the MP5-SD feels a lot smoother and stealthier with the silencer.

CS:GO MP5SD Spray Pattern, Inspect and Reload Animation

You can expect the same kind of spray pattern and accuracy from the MP5-SD as the MP7. you can unload 30 bullets fast and take out close range enemies with ease.

Want to know how the gun looks in action? We’ve got you covered! Here’s a video demonstrating the spray pattern, reload animation, inspect animation, and how it plays.

You can take out unarmored enemies with 2 headshots. However, with the fast firing rate, you’ll probably want to spray. It also makes for a useful run-and-gun weapon, perfect for force buys and anti ecos.

When will we see MP5-SD in Competitive? Any CS:GO MP5 Skins?

The MP5 isn’t currently available for Competitive play- chances are Valve will want to collect data on the gun first to nerf or buff it accordingly.

No MP5-SD skins were launched with the latest update, but expect Valve to release some soon.

These may come as part of a new CS:GO operation in 2018. Although the biggest updates have already gone live, there’s a ton of potential for new skins and maps. Keep your eyes peeled!

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