The new CS:GO Cache remake has been confirmed. Since being hinted at for the past couple of months, FMPONE has leaked pictures and information regarding the new map via Twitter, FACEIT, and his Twitch channel. Here’s everything we know so far on the new CS:GO Cache map.

New CS:GO Cache Remake Screenshots

Cache creator FMPONE recently leaked a screenshot of part of the new Cache remake on Twitter.

The map looks a lot more colorful while still retaining the post-nuclear Chernobyl feel. FMPONE also posted a picture implying which parts of the map have been changed so far.

Sounds like we should expect a lot more greenery!

Not much has been released so far. However, on FMPONE’s Twitch, he recently told viewers he plans to explain the map in detail.

I’m not gonna show any Cache screenshots today. But for a future stream, I’m probably gonna do live concept art so you can see how I’m gonna take one area of Cache, transform it for you in PhotoShop, and say this is why I did this and this is the theory behind why this change is made.

New CS:GO Cache Map Release Date

FMPONE recently confirmed on the FACEIT Hub for his map Subzero that the new Cache would be released in 2019. Reddit user zestjz provided the GlobalOffensive subreddit with screenshots.

FMPONE: New Cache will be released in 2019 from GlobalOffensive

This suggests it may come at the same time as the new Cobblestone. It might come as a disappointment to players hoping it would be part of a new CS:GO operation in 2018, but FMPONE promises fire.

New CS:GO Maps in 2018

Although players will have to wait until 2019 to try out the new Cache, there are still some new maps to get excited about. FMPONE has also been working on a brand new map named Subzero.

It’s available to play on FACEIT along with maps like de_biome. These maps may make it into the next CS:GO operation, so keep your eyes peeled.

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