So far, the FACEIT London Major has seen matches full of great plays and highlights. But many fans were surprised to see footage of what seemed to be a new CS:GO Cache leak in an opening segment.

Many fans assumed this was footage of the upcoming CS:GO Cache remake. Map creator FMPONE soon shut this rumor down, promising the new map would be even better.

The map looks startlingly similar to previous CS:GO Cache leaks shown on FMPONE’s stream. However, FMPONE explained it was tribute art created by FACEIT.

So how similar will the final map look?

New CS:GO Cache Remake Pictures

In a previous Twitch stream, FMPONE inadvertently showed some pictures of the upcoming Cache remake.

CS:GO New Cache Leaks: FMPONE Shows Cache Remake On Twitch

New CS:GO Cache remake screenshots leaked – Source

So far, it seems the map will have an overgrown nature theme while retaining its Chernobyl setting. The FACEIT concept took this a step further, with moss and vines growing all over CT Spawn.

New CS:GO Cache Leak At FACEIT Major Turns Out To Be Tribute

FACEIT’s CS:GO Cache Concept – Source

It’s no surprise that fans initially assumed the FACEIT version was a new leak. However, FMPONE vows to introduce an even better version when the new Cache finally gets its release.

New Cache Release Date

While work on the new Cache remake has been underway for a few months, fans will have to wait a while to play it.

According to FMPONE, the new version of Cache won’t be released until 2019. Whether it will come along with a new operation or remain as an Active Duty map is yet to be confirmed.

The CS:GO version of de_cache has been a staple of the competitive map pool ever since 2014. Barring Mirage and Inferno, it’s the most played map by CS:GO pros of all time.

As for the FACEIT Major, players will continue to play on the current version of Cache. As cool as the edition in their trailer looks, it might have nothing to do with the real Cache remake.

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