Sakurai’s latest Famitsu column reveals there’s some exciting new content to come to Smash Bros Ultimate. He reveals he’s currently working on new Classic Mode routes and new Scripted Events. This could mean we get new Classic Mode Bosses for Smash Bros Ultimate, and maybe even an expansion to the World of Light Story Mode.

New Classic Mode Routes Coming to Smash Bros Ultimate

The news comes from a Japanese Famitsu column written by Super Smash Bros Ultimate creator himself, Sakurai.

The column is translated into English by NintendoEverything. While most of it is a reflection on the 20th anniversary of Super Smash Bros and Piranha Plant’s addition to the game, the end reveals some interesting new content.

At the moment I’m working on new Classic Mode routes and scripted events that I think you’ll enjoy!

This could mean Classic Mode routes for the new Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters. However, it’s also possible we get new bosses or even alternative Classic Mode routes as DLC.

New Bosses in Smash Bros Ultimate?

With over 70 characters now in the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster, it’s surprising to see only 8 Classic Mode bosses. While World of Light includes a couple more, most characters face Crazy Hand, Master Hand or both in their Classic Mode campaigns.

This makes it likely we could see new Classic Mode bosses in future updates. Characters such as Earthbound’s Porky, F-Zero’s Black Shadow, Final Fantasy VII’s Sephiroth, and others would all make great additions.

This would be another way to have more characters in the game despite them not being playable. There are still many classic gaming villains not included in the Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits who would make perfect additions.

Smash Bros Ultimate – New Scripted Events?

Sakurai also mentions working on “New Scripted Events”, which leaves a lot more to the imagination.

This could mean adding some expansion content to the World of Light Adventure Mode, possibly with more backstory. It could also include adding some storyline to other modes.

It could also mean introducing trailers for new DLC characters, which should come in the near future.

While this could also refer to things like Snake Codec Calls and Palutena’s Guidance, Sakurai also claims there will be no Guidances for DLC characters.

With Joker and Smash Bros Ultimate Version 3.0.0 coming by the end of April, we could see new content sooner rather than later.

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