Recent Smash Bros DLC leaks claim we could see The World Ends With You protagonist Neku in Smash Bros Ultimate. The leak also mentions characters such as Banjo Kazooie, Sylux, Edelgard, and Crono from Chrono Trigger. Here’s more on the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC rumors.

Neku In Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Leak

The Smash Ultimate DLC leak came from a November 24 post on 4chan, which was later removed and archived on Fireden.

The poster suggests that various characters are current possibilities for the Smash Ultimate DLC roster. One of these is Neku Sakuraba, the main character from The World Ends With You.

Of course, all leaks should be taken with a grain of salt and the leak could be entirely false. However, the post gained more recognition after Joker from Persona 5 was confirmed for the 1st Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Pack. Could this leak have more correct predictions?

Square Enix Character in Smash Bro Ultimate

It’s also important to consider that if the leak is true, Neku is only one of many Square Enix characters to be considered for Smash Bros Ultimate.

Multiple credible leakers have noted that Nintendo are in talks with Square Enix to include a new DLC character. However, many names have been given out to leakers. One leaker, Vergeben, noted that Square Enix have given many fake leaks to weed out leakers.

Another Square Enix character brought up is Crono in Smash Bros Ultimate. The main hero of Chrono Trigger has a ton of fan support and regularly shows up on DLC polls.

Another possibility is Erdrick from Dragon Quest in Smash Bros Ultimate. With Dragon Quest XI set for a re-release on the Switch later this year, a Dragon Quest character in Smash Ultimate could help with promotion.

Nonetheless, the possibility of Neku in Smash Bros Ultimate is still interesting. The World Ends With You came out for the Switch late last year. He’d also have one of the most unique set of moves in the game.

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