NBA 2K20 MyTeam added Tacko Fall as one of the standout players in their MyTeam mode today, bringing a lot of 2K fans what they’ve wanted all year.

Tacko Fall is an NBA basketball player for the Boston Celtics. However, he’s still relatively young and hasn’t played much for the Celtics.

However, at nearly 2.3m tall (that’s around 7ft 7inches!), Fall has become one of the most popular players within the NBA 2K20 community. His height gives players a big advantage, especially in MyTeam mode, where he can be used to bully players to get buckets.

Previously, though, Tacko Fall was only available as a ruby player. While useful, it’s not quite the same as having some of the pink diamond or lucrative galaxy opal cards in the game.

Tacko Fall gets himself a galaxy opal in NBA 2K20 MyTeam

The 2K developers have answered the prayers of a whole host of 2K MyTeam players by adding a galaxy opal Tacko Fall to the game today.

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Alongside other favourites like Bol Bol, Manute Bol, and Brian Scalabrine, 2K has moved to release the ‘fan favourites’ packs for 2K players to chance their arm at.

Tacko Fall

NBA 2K20 Tacko Fall (Screenshot from Official Twitter)

Landing a Tacko Fall will give you a distinct advantage in the game. Size is a massive thing in NBA 2K20.

Essentially, if you have ‘Tacko’ in your team, you’ll more than likely be able to just shoot over the majority of players from close-range and wrack up the points.

How to get Tacko Fall and other fan favourites

As ever in NBA 2K20, there’s always a catch when it comes to landing these top players.

That catch comes in the form of needing to spend either VC (virtual currency) or MT (the in-game currency).

VC comes at the cost of actual money for players. And given the odds of landing the best players in packs all year has been low, don’t get your hopes up of landing a Tacko Fall for just a few pounds or dollars.

Likewise with your MT. 2K players will know it’s best not to waste your MT on packs. Other than that, you’re looking at ‘sniping’ the auction house to land one of 2K’s most in-demand cards.

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