We’re one week in to Epic Games’ $10 million Fortnite Fall Skirmish tournament and two players already face a ban for cheating.

FunkBomb’s banned from all future Fall Skirmish Events for cheating. However, he can still participate in the TwitchCon tournament on October 26. Meanwhile, Nate Hill of FaZe Clan gets a suspension from Fall Skirmish until October 11 for being the beneficiary.

Nate Hill and FunkBomb Fortnite Fall Skirmish Ban – What Happened?

The ban and suspension come after an incident where FunkBomb checked the Fortnite stream to help Nate Hill.

After dying in a Duos match, FunkBomb helped Nate Hill by calling out an enemy’s position from the official Fortnite Twitch stream. Nate Hill responded with “I feel like it’s cheating, but…”

Ghosting or stream-sniping has long been an issue for many competitive gamers. The ability to see what opponents are doing on Twitch allows users to get advantageous information. Epic Games decided to take a firm stance on the issue.

Nate Hill and FunkBomb Fall Skirmish Ban Reactions

After receiving the news on their punishments for the Fortnite Fall Skirmish incidents, both players accepted their part in the matter.

FunkBomb apologized in a string of Tweets.

NateHill also made a Twitter apology. However, he took issue with the fact he got a suspension for Funk’s mistake.

Here’s the relevant rule that we broke. I mean I’m not gonna argue with the rule, I obviously fucked up. “Each participant is expected to play to the best of their ability. Any form of unfair play is prohibited by the code and may result in disciplinary action.” That’s the vaguest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Some fans also complained that the Fortnite stream should have had a delay- a common protocol to prevent stream-sniping.

The $10 million event continues throughout September and October, culminating in the TwitchCon 2018 finals from October 26-28th. Both players are able to play at TwitchCon despite the ban and suspension.

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