There could be a new gun coming to CS:GO in 2018! A Russian YouTuber recently discovered new files for the MP5 SMG.

The leaks came along with the new CS:GO Panorama UI release, which you can try now by adding “-panorama” to your Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launch options. The new gun, however, might not be available to play until later this year.

When is the next gun coming to CS:GO?

There’s no word from Valve confirming a release date for the MP5 in CS:GO.

The MP5SD was initially included in the Global Offensive Beta but removed before its launch in 2012. New files for the gun were found as far back as March 2017. With new animations found for the MP5 in the CS:GO Panorama files, we may see it available to play very soon.

It might come packaged with the next operation in CS:GO. The last event, Operation Hydra, lasted from May – November 2017. Now that the Panorama update is in the rear view for developers, there should be a new CS:GO operation in 2018.

Is the CS:GO MP5 replacing the MP7?

The Panorama UI includes an empty space in the SMG menu, suggesting the MP5 and MP7 could both be available. The MP7 price was also reduced from $1700 to $1500 recently.


Some players have speculated that it may come as an optional replacement for the MP7, much like with the M4A1-S and M4A4.

According to leaks, the MP5 will include a silencer, making it a unique tactical choice for submachine guns.

A Counter-Strike 1.6 Classic

CS:GO may be taking inspiration from their predecessors. The MP5 was a popular SMG in Counter-Strike 1.6, also known as the “K&M Sub-Machine Gun”. It was priced at $1500. Coincidentally, Epic Games’ Fortnite recently added the MP5 as well.

The CS 1.6 MP5 inflicted from 19-52 damage on armored opponents and up to 104 damage for a headshot to an unarmored opponent. For reference, the CSGO MP7 inflicts from 21-71 damage on armored opponents and 21-114 damage on armored players.

Here’s what the CS:GO MP5SD stats might look like.

CS:GO New MP5 Gun Stats -

If the speculation is true, the MP5 would be the first new gun coming to CS:GO since the R8 Revolver in 2015. We’ll see if its initial release is just as overpowered!

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