In a back and forth Bo5 series, Mousesports defeated Team Liquid to become the ESL One New York Champions! The Best of 5 series went all the way to the fifth map.

After winning Cache, Mousesports lost both Nuke and Inferno to Liquid. After a hard fought battle on Dust 2 where mouz won in overtime, it all came down to Mirage. Thanks to solid teamwork and a standout performance on chrisJ, the international mix took home the trophy.

Here’s a closer look at what happened, including chrisJ’s ungodly ACE on Mirage!

Mousesports Win ESL One New York 2018 Against Liquid

ESL One New York 2018 featured some of the best teams in CS:GO. But in a lineup that featured NaVI, Fnatic, Faze Clan, and NRG, it was Team Liquid and Mousesports which made it to the grand finals.

Mousesports beat Fnatic, Gambit, and NRG in Best of 3 series to reach the Grand Finale. Meanwhile, Team Liquid beat NRG, G2, and Gambit.

It all came down to a best-of-five finale where many would have favored the #3 team in the world, Team Liquid, over #7 mousesports. But both won 2 maps, leaving it down to Mirage.

ChrisJ stepped up big time in the last map, scoring a massive ace to put Mousesports at match point.

He once again stepped up in the final round, taking out 2 before sunNy delivered the finishing blow to Twistzz.

It was a huge performance from mouz, redeeming themselves after bombing out 0-3 in the New Legends stage of the FACEIT London Major. With the new roster picking up momentum, it’ll be interesting to see what the team can do in future.

Astralis Beat MiBR to Win BLAST Pro Series Istanbul

While Mousesports and Team Liquid were busy in New York, other top teams fought it out at BLAST Pro Series Istanbul. The 2-day tournament featured Astralis, MiBR, C9, NiP, Space Soldiers, and Virtus Pro.

As many would expect, the grand finals came down to Astralis vs MiBR where Astralis won 2-1.

Astralis once again assert their reign as the #1 team in CS:GO. Dev1ce also picked up his second HLTV MVP medal in a week. Could he overtake s1mple as the best CS:GO player of 2018?

With two big tournaments in the space of a week and StarSeries Season 6 on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see how the rankings shake up for the rest of 2018.

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