We’ve heard of some pretty massive donations from fans to streamers, but today Motar2k announced he’s flying Twitch streamer Brax to his house to teach him CS:GO!

It’s not the first time Motar2k has spent big money on a player. He’s made donations up to $15,000 in the past on his favorite Twitch streamers. Now he looks to learn CS from Brax and stream it himself.

Motar2k – Biggest Donations on Twitch?

Motar2k has been a well-known figure in the Twitch community ever since 2014. He’s known for making big donations to players like Shroud, Friberg, Olofmeister, and DaZeD.

He once made Virtus Pro Pasha cry on stream thanks to a $15,000 donation to help him support his family.

Up until recently, he kept a low profile with all of his social media private. However, it’s been speculated that he’s an American businessman who made his fortune in the United Arab Emirates.

He posted a ‘Motar2k explained’ post on HLTV back in 2014 explaining he’s someone with a lot of money who likes to use it on his favorite players. He also claimed back then that he’d love to fly Friberg out for private lessons.

Who is Brax (aka C9 Swag)?

Braxton ‘Brax’ Pierce is the CS:GO player and streamer formerly known as Swag.

He’s notorious for being part of the IBP lineup that got banned from Counter Strike events by Valve for match-fixing to earn skins. He’s also well known as a streamer and stand-in for the Cloud 9 CS:GO team.

Last year, ESL and DreamHack loosened the ban to allow him (along with DaZeD, steel, and AZK) to play CS:GO professionally in certain events. He’s still not able to play in Valve majors.

After a short stint in Torqued with DaZeD and AZK, he now plays in Swole Patrol with ex Cloud9 teammate Freakazoid.

Some have hailed Brax as one of NA’s greatest ever CS:GO players- explaining why Motar2k wants to fly him out for private lessons. We’ll see what he can teach him.

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