We’re still waiting for a new CS:GO Operation in 2018, and although we don’t know when it’ll be, we have some ideas on what it might include. Every operation features a range of new CS:GO maps, in addition to some old favorites. From fan theories, the FACEIT Mapcore contest, and speculation, here are some of the most likely maps for the new CS:GO operation.

Most Likely New Maps for the New CS:GO Operation


CS:GO Subzero MapThe creator of maps like Cache and Santorini, FMPONE, has been hard at work on a new map featuring the Arctic Avengers. de_subzero looks like the most likely inclusion for the new operation, and it’s already been tested extensively on FACEIT Hubs.


Biome was the winner of the Valve-sponsored FACEIT Mapcore Mapping contest. Created by jd40, de_biome features a great amount of contrast with an outdoor desert area, colorful indoor biodome, and an underground cave. Expect to see this in the next CS:GO operation.


Abbey ranked second place in the FACEIT Mapcore Mapping Contest. The map has a historical feel, set in a French Abbey in Gordes. With both indoor and outdoor areas, de_abbey looks and feels similar to maps like cs_italy.


CS:GO Studio - Screenshot by Charlie Koncher (Elecspo.com)A collaboration between ZeLzStorm, TanookiSuit3 & Hollandje. de_studio is based in an American film studio, complete with a stunt gym, filming areas, and an indoor and outdoor bombsite. This ranked 3rd place in the Mapcore contest and looks like one of the most interesting and modern maps yet.


CS:GO Waterfall - Screenshot by Charlie Koncher (Elecspo.com)The latest map added to the FACEIT Mapcore Hub, de_waterfall is a stunning outdoor map set in Canada. Created by Morozov, this bomb defusal map has undergone various updates and looks perfect for a new CS:GO operation.

Most Likely Returning Maps for New CS:GO Operation


Another FMPONE creation, de_santorini is a fan favorite, with many players even lobbying for it to be included in the competitive map pool. Santorini was originally in in Operation Wildfire, but now would be the perfect time to bring it back.


Tokyo-based de_season is another hugely popular map for fans. Season has been a popular map ever since Counter-Strike: Source. It’s since had various updates and featured in Operation Vanguard and Bloodhound.


Another fun map from Operation Bloodhound, de_zoo takes place in the Bay Area Zoo with the Golden Gate Bridge visible in the background. This would be another great pick for a returning CS:GO Operation map.

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