IEM Katowice 2019 is over, but not everyone got a Diamond Coin. There were many complaints regarding the requirement to watch matches at every stage of the tournament. Valve has now given credit for watching every match to every Viewer Pass user.

Viewer Pass – Katowice 2019 Diamond Coin

With the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major now over, many will receive a Katowice 2019 Diamond Coin. The Diamond Coin is awarded to anyone who completes all 11 challenges in the CS:GO Viewer Pass.

However, in addition to the Pick’Em challenges, users had to watch matches live to complete all challenges. This left many users disappointed, as they had a missed challenge simply due to not tuning in via a Steam-approved method.

Some users couldn’t watch the match live due to timezone issues. Others chose to watch on YouTube or Twitch without a Steam login. Others said they watched the match but didn’t receive credit. This left them with an incomplete challenge on their Viewer Pass.

Even Astralis’ Magisk Tweeted at csgo_dev to explain he couldn’t achieve it due to playing in the Major final.

However, Valve has now addressed the issue. Every single user with a Viewer Pass will now get Credit for watching every match. This gives you 5 auto-completed challenges whether you chose to watch or not.

It’s a smart move for the CS:GO Developers. While there may be one or two complaints about the Diamond Coin being worth less now, it stops many more complaints.

Many more users will now receive an IEM Katowice 2019 Diamond Coin for their efforts.

Will StarLadder Berlin 2019 Get a Viewer Pass?

Thanks to a lot of great matches and fan support, IEM Katowice 2019 has been hailed as one of the best CS:GO Majors.

The Viewer Pass gave another way for the average player to involve themselves in the action. With Pick’Ems and rewards for viewing matches, it’s likely it’ll return next major.

The next CS:GO Major of 2019 is StarLadder Berlin 2019. The event will run from August to September. Qualifiers start in July.

While the Viewer Pass will likely make a return, there may be some tweaks to challenges to avoid more user complaints.

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