There’s yet another CS:GO Update- the sixth this month so far. This time, it only adds a few more changes to Vertigo and Abbey. Vertigo was recently added to the Competitive map pool with a lot of significant adjustments to make the map more competitively viable. Abbey came to the game back in January and has since had a few changes. Here’s what’s been changed in the latest CS:GO Update

CS:GO March Update: Changes to Vertigo

Vertigo is back in the Competitive map pool, but it looks a lot different than before. On March 19th, Vertigo replaced Cobblestone in the Competitive map pool. The map is now a lot more flexible with multiple routes to each bombsite.

Just a few days after it returned to the Competitive maps, more adjustments have been made to Vertigo. The Vertigo Wingman map has also been changed back to the Bombsite B edition. Here are the latest changes as seen in the CS:GO patch notes.

-Switched Wingman version to bombsite B
-Made white metal structures on B site slightly larger, to prevent excessive angles/boost positions
-Added some floor material variation for footstep differentiation (CT corridor to back of A, elevator room near A site, T entrance to mid)
-Lowered C4 explosion radius (from 500 to 400)
-Added grenade clip to roof props in forklift room/lower level that allowed molotovs to burn through to upper level
-Extended catwalk by top of T stairs to B
-Added more railings near A ramp
-Fixed various clipping issues and C4 stuck spots (Thanks bonna97!)
-Blocked weapons from falling into gap at bottom of A ramp (Thanks 3kliksphilip!)
-Boosted ambient light in elevator room near A site
-Removed a unintended boost on HVAC fan in B site

You can play the new Vertigo map now in all CS:GO modes.

CS:GO March Update: Changes to Abbey

There have also been a few changes to de_abbey, another map in the Competitive map pool. Here are the patch notes from the CS:GO blog.

– Replaced pinky box
– Removed sprites from lightsticks in gate house and underpass
– Included material for spikes model near CT spawn
– Added another crate on top of the crates near ivy
– Removed flower pot near B bombsite for better visibility on retakes
– Removed flower pot under the window on A long stairs
– Removed gap between crates on B bombsite
– Removed gap between crate and gazebo on A bombsite

Not too much has changed in this latest update, although many bugs and errors have been fixed. There’s also another update coming soon which will make a couple of small fixes to bugs that involve grenades going through doors and the ability to pick up weapons through doors.

With all the recent changes to CS:GO maps, it makes you wonder if there’ll be changes to the CS:GO Active Duty map pool soon.

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