Will Minecraft Steve be in Smash Bros Ultimate? It’s one of the biggest Smash Bros Ultimate roster rumors right now. There’s lots of fan support for Steve’s inclusion and multiple reputable leaks have claimed there’ll be some Minecraft representation in the game. But what do the developers of Minecraft have to say about it?

Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate? Minecraft Devs Answer

At the recent 2018 Minecon Party, one fan asked the Minecraft Devs about the possibility of Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate. Here’s how the conversation went down.

We actually don’t have any news on that. But we do know that there are lots of folks in the community who’ve, on the feedback site, put a request for it. So you should go and upvote it and then we can go to our friends over at Nintendo and say hey, listen, the community would think that’s pretty cool.

The response doesn’t really tell us anything new. If Minecraft Steve is confirmed for Smash Bros Ultimate, the developers would have to keep it a secret until the official announcement.

Not to mention it’s possible they wouldn’t even know- King K Rool’s creator had no idea he’d be included before the character reveal trailer.

However, it does show that the creators of Minecraft support his inclusion in Smash Bros Ultimate. This is a promising sign for fans of the game.

Support for Minecraft Steve in Smash Bros Ultimate

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time, so it’s no wonder that many fans would want to see Minecraft crossed with Smash Bros Ultimate.

Minecraft Steve is far from the most popular character in Smash Bros fan polls. However, there is huge support for his inclusion on Twitter. As the Minecraft Devs mentioned, there are also tons of fans asking for him on the Minecraft feedback site.

Previous Smash Bros Ultimate leaks have claimed there will be some Minecraft representation in the game. Multiple leakers known for correct information have agreed on this. While it was originally assumed to be a stage or Assist Trophy, it now seems we may see Steve as a fighter.

There’s still a few months to go and many characters rumored. If Minecraft Steve makes it to the roster, it may be as DLC.

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