Xbox Live is about to get much bigger. A GDC 2019 exhibit shows that Microsoft plans to implement Xbox Live Cross-Platform play for Switch, iOS, Android, and PC. Xbox One players will be able to play games with players across other consoles, smartphones, and computers. While PS4 is left out, this still offers huge opportunities for gamers. Here’s more on the latest news.

Xbox Live Cross-Platform Play for Switch, iOS, Android, PC

The news for Xbox Live cross play comes from a planned GDC 2019 session. Microsoft plans to speak at the Game Developers Conference about the upcoming changes to Xbox Live.

Information on Xbox Live cross-play can be seen on the GDC website. It states:

Xbox Live is one of the largest, most engaged gaming communities on the planet with decades of experience providing managed game services to developers that save you time and unlock all of the social and engagement features that players love.

Now Xbox Live is about to get MUCH bigger. Xbox Live is expanding from 400M gaming devices and a reach to over 68M active players to over 2B devices with the release of our new cross-platform XDK.

This is huge news for gamers. Those who want to play with their friends on PC, Nintendo Switch or even smartphones will be able to. While Microsoft already offers cross-play between Windows 10 and Xbox One on many games, it seems they plan to expand it to other platforms soon.

When Will Xbox Live Cross-Platform Play Launch?

The session will take place at GDC 2019, which runs from March 22-29. This means we may see more cross-platform play from Xbox One very soon. If it isn’t implemented by March, it likely will be for more games later in the year.

Cross-play is beginning to become more common in gaming. For instance, Fortnite offers cross-platform play across multiple consoles, including PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

It’s unknown which games Xbox Live cross-play will cover, but it will likely involve some of the best Xbox One esports games.

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