Reports suggest some major MIBR roster changes coming soon. A report by ESPN states Liquid will trade TACO to MIBR while the Brazilian team sends Stewie2k to Liquid. YNk will also leave MIBR in favor of zews. The team also plan to drop Tarik in favor for an all Brazilian roster. Here’s more on the upcoming MIBR roster changes.

Zews and TACO to MIBR, Stewie2k to Liquid

Negotiations are apparently taking place between Made in Brazil and Team Liquid to trade Stewie2k for zews and TACO.

It hasn’t even been a year since Stewie2k and Tarik joined MIBR. However, the team has been on rough footing ever since. Despite having a lineup of star players, the team has had lackluster results event after event.

The new move is part of a plan to bring MIBR back to an all Brazilian roster. This would involve removing Tarik as well. YNk will also leave the team in favor of zews to return as coach.

Stewie2k responded on Twitter with a USA flag, although this was soon deleted. Chances are the new changes will come to light soon.

Both MIBR and Team Liquid will still be able to compete in the IEM Katowice 2019 Major, albeit with some significant changes.

MIBR Roster Changes: YNk and Tarik Out of MIBR

The new changes will also leave tarik and YNk without a team. Tarik will remain on the bench for now. These changes were announced by Ryan of RushBMedia.

This also means MIBR would recruit a new fifth member. This will most likely be another Brazilian in order for the team to communicate in their home language.

Possibilities include Felps and Steel, although both have previously had chances with the Brazilian core. Kng is also a strong possibility. The player recently posted a detailed Tweet apologizing for past actions, showing a dedication to change and focus on professionalism.

Meanwhile, Tarik would be a hot commodity for many teams, including former team C9. We’ll see what happens after the MIBR roster changes.

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