Will we see Metroid Prime Sylux in Smash Bros Ultimate? An interesting Smash Bros Ultimate DLC leak suggests so. While many characters have been brought up as possibilies for the Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC roster, there’s quite a lot of weight behind the Sylux theory. Here’s more on the latest DLC leaks.

Sylux In Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Leak

The Sylux rumor first came from a Smash Bros DLC leak on 5chan. This came out before the official announcement of Joker in Smash Bros Ultimate, suggesting the poster may have inside sources.

The leak suggests that Sylux will be part of a Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC pack. With Metroid Prime 4 set to release this year, Sylux could be announced as part of the promotion. All leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, but this does seem like quite a strong theory.

We’ve already seen Dark Samus and Ridley make the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster. Could we get a third Metroid villain later this year?

Metroid Prime 4 Release Date Leaked

The speculation behind Sylux in Smash Bros Ultimate is supported by the fact Metroid Prime 4 is one of Nintendo’s most anticipated 2019 releases.

Recently, a European game retailer leaked the Metroid Prime 4 release date. Assuming it’s based on official information Metroid Prime 4 will see its release on November 29, 2019.

We’ll likely hear much more Metroid Prime 4 information from E3 2019. It’s also rumored that there could be a new Nintendo Direct this month. If the rumors are true, it’s possible that Sylux could be announced for Smash Bros Ultimate around 2-3 months before the Metroid Prime 4 launch.

More Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Leaks and Rumors

The Sylux rumor is certainly an interesting one, but it’s far from the only DLC leak.

Other leaks suggest we could get the DOOM Marine, Erdrick from Dragon Quest, and Edelgard from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

These rumors are largely based on the big Nintendo Switch releases for 2019. It’s likely many characters will tie-in with Nintendo’s flagship game releases.

Sylux in Smash Bros seems like a huge possibility right now. Stay tuned to Elecspo.com for all the latest Smash Bros Ultimate news and information.

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