EndGameTV has announced that Don’t Park on the Grass 2018 will include a Smash Bros Ultimate tournament!

The event takes place from December 15-16 at the University of Washington Campus in Seattle. Players will compete in Smash Bros Ultimate Singles and Doubles, in addition to Smash 64, Smash Bros Melee, and Splatoon 2v2s.

The competition comes just over a week after the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Viewers will get the chance to see the game in full competitive action. With players such as ZeRo and Armada expressing interest in competing in Ultimate, we could see a very interesting lineup.

Smash Bros Ultimate Tournaments in 2018

DPG 2018 isn’t the first taste we’ll get of competitive Smash Bros Ultimate. Smashadelphia Ultimate 2018 takes place on December 9th, just two days after the game’s release!

Smashadelphia has already announced that the tournament will feature a Smash Bros Ultimate Squad Strike mode tournament. Singles and Doubles brackets will also be held.

You can attend Smashadelphia Ultimate at the Gifts for Gamers convention in Oaks, Pennsylvania. While players will have to pay $10 to compete, all proceeds will go to the gaming charity. There organization also plans to hold a Smash Bros Ultimate launch event on the 7th, with details to be confirmed soon.

You can view full details or register for Smashadelphia Ultimate at Smash.gg. You can also register for Don’t Park on the Grass 2018 at Smash.gg.

Is Smash Bros Ultimate the Next Big Esport?

With a huge charity event and major Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament already announced for 2018, it looks like Smash Bros Ultimate could be a huge esport.

Despite its December 7th release date, the game has already made huge presales. Popularity for the franchise is skyrocketing, and it looks like the esports scene could be bigger than ever.

Insights from NewZoo even found that Super Smash Bros is the most regularly watched franchise by the US esports audience. We could see bigger events, bigger prize pools, and even a push into the mainstream when Smash Bros Ultimate comes out.

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