The stage is set and the teams are now in their slots. After the Worlds Draw, Team Liquid has a pretty good chance of making it out of groups, but 100T are in a world of trouble. And will C9 even make it to groups?

First up is the play-in stage and Cloud9. The NA gauntlet qualifiers, C9 will have to battle their way through play-ins if they even want a shot at groups. That means facing off against KaBuM! e-Sports and DetonatioN FocusMe. The good news is that Cloud9 will be the heavy favorites to make it out of the play-ins. The bad news is that they’ll likely be placed into one of the harder group stage groups if they do make it out.

Cloud9 Will Be Favorites in Play-Ins

LoL Worlds 2018

As for 100 Thieves, they already know they have it tough in the group stage. Their two confirmed opponents are Fnatic and Invictus Gaming. Fnatic are by far the best Western team at Worlds this year and IG are one of the strongest early game teams in the world. Both will be heavy favorites against 100T, who could risk getting swept out of the group stage if they’re not careful.

Then there’s Team Liquid. The NA champs from spring and summer are by far and away NA’s best hope. They got lucky to avoid Group B with RNG and Gen. G and are in one of the easier groups. Kt Rolster will be favored to take the group, but Liquid will stand a chance against them. Mad Team is the other confirmed team in Group C and they shouldn’t put up much of a fight against either kt or Liquid.

Team Liquid and 100T Are in Groups C & D

LoL Worlds 2018

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If Cloud9 or 100 Thieves make it out of group stages, it’ll be a pleasant and unexpected surprise. But if TL doesn’t make it out, it’ll be a supreme disappointment. After that, it’s Worlds best of five and anything can happen.

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