Poor Vitality. Whether your a fan of them or not, you have to admit they got a rough draw. They’re the third team in Group B, alongside Royal Never Give Up and Gen.G.

If you’re not familiar with Asian LCS, RNG and Gen.G are two of the Worlds best League teams. Gen.G (formerly Samsung) are the defending Worlds Champions and RNG are arguably the best team in the world right now.

And if that weren’t enough, Cloud9 might also get pulled into that group depending on how the play-in stage goes. In other words, Vitality are going to need a miracle to make it out of Group B.

But at least they’ll make it to groups. There’s a chance that G2 Esports could get knocked out in play-ins. They’re the favorites in their group, but they will have to deal with a tough opponent in Bahçeşehir Supermassive.

LoL Worlds 2018

via Riot

It’s a totally different story for Fnatic. They got locked into a relatively easy group with 100 Thieves and Invictus Gaming. 100T are probably the weakest team to make it from North America and Fnatic should be able to dismantle them with relative ease.

Invictus Gaming are a great team, but most people wouldn’t consider them at the very top. They’ll be a tough matchup for Fnatic regardless, but the EU summer champs shouldn’t have a problem making it out of the group stage.

Plus, Invictus have one of the top mid laners in the world. That means that win or lose, we should see some spicy mid lane matchups for Caps.

Worlds will be more than a little tough for G2 and Vitality, but Fnatic might be able to make EU proud and should should manage a run to at least the quarterfinals.

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