Splyce beat the first place team in EU LCS last weekend, but are still sitting just outside a playoff spot. With victories against Fnatic and Misfits under their belts, they just might be the team to watch heading into the final three weeks of the regular season.

Splyce have been the wild card of the EU LCS summer split. There’s just no telling which version of Splyce will show up for any given game. Will it be the only team in the league who’ve beat both Misfits and Fnatic this season? Or the team that can barely beat Unicorns of Love and Giants Gaming.

Which Splyce Will Show Up Next Week?

Splyce EU LCS 2018 Roster
From @Splyce

That’s the thing about Splyce, they’re simply too inconsistent. Their triumph over Misfits this weekend came after a dreadful performance against G2 the day before. At the 20-minute mark, Splyce had the largest gold deficit of the split and could only manage two kills for the entire match. It was easily one of the most lopsided games we’ve seen in the EU LCS this year.

As they look forward to the final six matches of the summer split, Splyce’s chances of making the playoffs seem about as likely as their 50-50 record suggests. They’ll face three opponents with records worse than their own, and three teams with better records. Week seven looks to be their easiest weekend by far as they go up against H2K and UoL. Things get a lot harder in week 8 with Roccat and Fnatic on the docket. Then it’s Schalke and Giants to finish the regular season.

From what we’ve seen of Splyce so far, there’s no telling what to expect from them in these last three weeks.

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