Do you know what the most popular game in the world is right now?

Who doesn’t love watching games on Twitch? Whether it be watching speed-runners finish Super Mario Bros 3 in 5 minutes, or Counter-Strike pro’s dominating. There literally is something for everyone – even Bob Ross fans!

However, what would the most popular games be for Twitch from last month? Well, we’re sure that you can guess what number one will be, but you may be surprised by some pretty big absences from the list.

5. Dota 2

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No shock here, though fifth place is a little low from where this game has been in recent months. Oh and the fact that it has a whopping 30,000 fewer hours watched, and almost half as many viewers as the other big rival MOBA.

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It is one place down from March, but will surely jump back up when ESL Birmingham takes place at the end of May, and the two huge events in China.

4. Hearthstone

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This one is a bit of a surprise actually, considering it was 7th on the list last month. That being said, it only just beats Dota to the number one spot, with around 2,000 more hours watched and less than 3,000 more viewers.

There are so many Hearthstone tournaments that there is plenty being streamed, but the HCT tournament drew in big numbers. In fact, it drew in enough numbers to push Overwatch all the way down to seventh.

3. PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds

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Pretty surprising. Only third and incredibly it is MILES behind the number one game, its most significant rival. That being said, it isn’t doing too poorly at all, with just short of 50,000 hours watched and a total of 69,000 viewers tuning in throughout April.

Thanks to the likes of Shroud and Dr Disrespect, those numbers will keep going up as both seem to be able to have around 40,000 concurrent viewers at any one time.

The release of the new map will also help for the May figures, but don’t expect them to beat out that other BR title.

2. League of Legends

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A big shock here, LoL usually rules Twitch and with a whopping 74,000 hours viewed and 101,000 viewers you would think it would be number one. Now, something I have noticed is that this number would probably be higher, if people playing League didn’t categorise themselves as IRL. Seriously, if you haven’t noticed this, just scroll through IRL and look at how many people are actually playing LoL.

Anyway, the likes of Tyler1 are raking in the views as per usual, but the crazy thing is just how far behind League is than…

1. Fortnite

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Of course! What a shock, right? Seriously though, the numbers are absolutely huge. With 128,000 hours watched and an incredible 178,000 viewers, Fortnite has blitzed the competition. This was even before the crossover with Marvel!

The likes of Myth, Summit1g, King Richard and of course Ninja are bringing in huge numbers on Fortnite streams. Expect those giant numbers to just keep going up and up as the months go by. Yes, Fortnite is the most popular game in the world right now and that should be no surprise.

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