Team Liquid are heading to Worlds as the number one seed from North America. Unfortunately for NA fans and players, that doesn’t mean much. North America has always been considered one of the weaker regions and no NA team has ever managed an impressive performance at Worlds.

But things could be different this year. Team Liquid are coming off of back-to-back 3-0 championships in spring and summer and they’ve got a veteran squad who are familiar with the world’s stage. So realistically, what are Team Liquid’s chances at Worlds?

One thing is for sure, TL won’t be favored going into the tournament. Doublelift said it himself after the summer finals, most of the other regions’ top teams are technically better than Team Liquid. But you shouldn’t count them out yet. TL has proven that with time and practice they can adapt to whomever they face.

The 7-man Cloud9 roster they faced in the finals was the same team that demolished them in week 8 of the regular season. But with a little extra time to prepare, Liquid were able to come back and embarrass C9 on NA’s biggest stage.

Doublelift is the constant win condition for Team Liquid


If TL can continue to adapt, there’s a real chance they could surprise people at Worlds. With Doublelift, Olleh, Impact, Pobelter and Xmithie, they don’t have a real weak point for teams to exploit. That means that teams are simply going to have to outplay them across the board.

Of course, TL won’t be the only team without an exploitable weakness at Worlds, but that’ll help their chances early on especially.

Team Liquid won’t be favorites to win Worlds this year, but they could be the tournaments dark horse. With a little bit of luck, we could easily see them making a deep run and possibly even challenge some of the favorites along the way.

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