There’s a lot to look forward to in June, but let’s look back at the most popular twitch esports channels in May.

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Five of the finest channels on twitch treated esports enthusiasts across the globe to some of the best tournament spectacles we’ve ever seen.

Riot Games (

Riot games stole the show with their League of Legends 2018 Mid-Season Invitational (207k viewers). We can’t wait for more from the season, but the above video catches some of the best moments from these unbelievable players.

Quadra Kills and Aces, left, right, and centre.

Epicenter ( &

Representing a solid second and fifth place, the EPICENTER XL managed to pull in a combined crowd of over 354k. Wait a minute – the last time I checked, 354k was a burly bunch bigger than Riot’s 207k…

But before you report Riot Games for hacking the Twitch leaderboards, these numbers are based off specific platforms. That means EPICENTER XL has been rightly split across the Russian (193k) and English (161k) channels hosting it.

Still, astonishing figures pulled in for the DotA2 event; Epicenter’s combined channels really were the most popular twitch esports channels in May!


Worldwide fans of Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) had their eyes on Syndey, Austrailia this past month.

The IEM Syndey 2018 promised clutch plays and nail-biting tournament games- and it delivered both (as well as some mad bombs).

Overwatch League (

Thanks to the EPICENTER XL channel split; Overwatch finishes us off, with the Overwatch League delivering a very entertaining third stage to their Inaugural Season.

Interestingly, their viewership was tailing close behind CS:GO numbers, at 172k; just 6k shy of the classic Valve shooter.

As the league turns over into June, we’ll see if they’ve got what it takes to topple one of the biggest first-person shooters since the early days of esports.

List image:  EsportsStats/Reddit

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