League of Legends is one of the biggest esports in 2018 and one of the most popular overall. With multi-million tournaments like the LoL World Championships, the highest paid LoL players have made some impressive earnings.

We can’t account for everyone’s individual salaries or steam earnings. However, we do know who’s made the most from official tournaments thanks to stats from Esportsearnings. Here are the top 10 highest paid League of Legends players in 2018.

Highest Paid LoL Players 2018

1. Faker – $1,175,068.35

Despite a rough 2018, Faker is the first and only LoL player to make over a million in tournament earnings. This is largely thanks to his three Worlds championships, in addition to a huge run of success with SKT the past few years.

2. Wolf – $913,084.70

Wolf has also had huge success as part of the SKT core. The support player made most of his impressive $913k earnings from 2015-2017 thanks to a dominant run with the SKT roster.

3. Bang – $910,451.46

The third highest-earning player is another member of SKT. Korean Bae “Bang” Jun Sik has been a big part of the roster’s multiple World Championships. The bot laner is known for his skills with champions such as Tristana, Sivir, and Kalista.

4. Bengi – $810,683.00

Although he’s been inactive for the past couple of years, Bengi’s reign as SKT’s jungler saw him pick up a string of huge tournament wins. In just three years of playing, he picked up $810,683 placing him firmly at number 4.

5. Duke – $646,449.09

The first non-SKT player to make the list. Invictus Gaming’s top laner just won LoL Worlds 2018 last week. He’s now made $171k in 2018 and over $646k overall. With four significant tournament wins in 2018, Duke is well on the rise.

6. Blank – $559,518.75

Another SKT player who picked up a huge chunk from their dominant reign. Most of Blank’s earnings come from 2016 when he replaced Bengi as SKT’s jungler.

7. Ambition – $544,484.20

Ambition has been playing at a high level ever since 2012. He made most of his earnings in 2017 as part of the Worlds-winning SSG roster. However, he’s won big tournaments with many different teams. He’s currently the jungler for Gen.G.

8. Uzi – $484,733.39

The only non-Korean player to make the top 10. Chinese Jian “Uzi” Zihao has also been making money from LoL ever since 2012. However, 2018 has been his most successful year yet, winning over $160k as the bot laner for RNG. He also won with China in the 2018 Asian Games.

9. Crown – $474,037.81

Crown is the current mid laner for Gen.G. and one of the top 10 highest paid LoL players. He’s made impressive earnings of $474k over his career, mostly thanks to his run with Samsung Galaxy in 2017.

10. CuVee – $470,880.31

CuVee started playing at 18 years old and has already accumulated over $470,000 in three years and 15 tournaments. He won Worlds 2017 with Samsung Galaxy and is the current top laner for Gen.G.

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