Is there anything better than amazing esports comebacks?

Sure, it’s nice when your side absolutely batters some fools in straight maps, but are they the most entertaining.

However, everyone knows that epic comebacks are the best, especially for fan entertainment – we always want to see really long back and forth matches.

In fact, there’s nothing better than luring teams in, making them think you’re some fresh-faced n00b who can be pushed over without them bringing their A-game.

Over the years there have been some absolutely brilliant comebacks in esports history, in pretty much every game.

So, here are some of the best ever comebacks in esports:

1. Cloud9 vs FaZe

Where better to start than one of the most recent comebacks and probably one of the best ever esports comebacks, at least in Counter-Strike.

At the E-League Major: Boston grand final, we were treated to an absolute classic thanks to Cloud9 and FaZe. Not only was there one comeback, but in fact several – with both teams taking the lead and then losing it.

In fact, Cloud9 actually took an 8-1 lead against FaZe, before the Europeans fragged the life out of them to take the first map 16-14.

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Cloud9 easily one the second map, Overpass, with Skadoodle and Stewie2k going absolutely HUGE.

Then came the final round which saw the North American’s pull off an epic comeback, from just a point away from defeat to managing to win 22-19.

What a whopper.

2. Daigo Umehara vs Justin Wong

Tell you what, you very rarely get amazing comebacks in Street Fighter, but Daigo isn’t called the Beast because he’s got a hairy back. Instead, it is because he is one of the fiercest competitors in not just SF but gaming history.


So, with that being said, then you should not really be that surprised to know that he has pulled off not one, but two of the greatest comebacks of all time.

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While his monster comeback against Muteki was just great, but we’re looking at his earlier one against Justin Long.

In a semi-final at EVO – the biggest fighting tournament around – Daigo had just a sliver of health on his Ken while against Justin Wong’s Chun-Li. It was the final round so it looked totally like Daigo was done, especially when Wong pulled out a Hyakuretsukyaku.

However, Daigo pulled off an absolutely just breath-taking parry to block the vicious kicks before shocking everyone by coming back with barely a pixel of health to his name.

As esports comebacks go, this is pretty A-M-A-ZING.

3. Moscow5 vs CLG EU

The thing about esports is, everyone has their own style of playing games, especially in the competitive arena. And there is no better example than this, than from Dreamhack 2012 when the ultra-aggressive Moscow5 came up against the methodical CLG EU.

The rivalry was one of the best in the League of Legends scene, with CLG causing M5 a lot of problems ahead of the DreamHack major.

Battling it out for a first seed spot in the next round, the teams faced off – with CLG easily picking off the first rounds. M5 fought back with some classic trademark towers dives and some epic skirmishes in the game.

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Entering the mid-game, M5 had a commanding lead, in fact, they had over 20k gold more than CLG. However, countering M5 was achieved by defending under their towers and making great use of Anivia.

Still, M5 had dragons and Barons, picking up another 25k gold lead. However, with CLG dragging the game out longer and longer, the fact they were almost as broke as I am, but it didn’t really play into things.

Frustrated at being stalled, M5 went for a bottom lane base push but walked right into CLG’s perfectly crafted trap. In the space of a few minutes, they went from being 14-5 down to just 16-15, which included an ace to allow them 60 seconds at to take down the nexus.

Bloody scenes!

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