We’re in the heart of the playoffs now. That means it’s time to find out who made the cut for the EU LCS All-Pro Team. Surprise, every Fnatic starter made one of the teams and three Fnatic players are first-team all-pro.

Broxah, Caps and Hylissang make up the jungle, mid and support of the first team. Joining them are G2’s Wunder in the top lane and Upset as ADC. It’s tough to argue that any of these players aren’t deserving of their spots, with the exception of Wunder who struggled towards the end of the split. But with so many quality top laners in the EU this year (including Vizicsacsi who didn’t even make it on any all-pro team), the race for best top laner was always going to be a contentious one.

Summer Split 2018 – EU LCS All-Pro Team

Probably the easiest pick for the first team was Caps. The Fnatic mid laner blew away the competition with incredible plays on a variety of champions and is a frontrunner for MVP of the split.

On the second team you’ll find yet another Fnatic face, Bwipo. Joining him are three Vitality players, Cabochard, Kikis and Jactroll; and then G2’s Perkz in the mid lane. There’s no doubt the Vitality players benefited from an incredibly strong second half from the team. Kikis in particular has the honor of being the player with the lowest number of games played this split among all the all-pro players.

On the third team we find the final Fnatic player, Soaz. Along with him are Nukeduck and three Misfits players, Maxlore, Mikyx and Hans Sama.

It’s hard to argue against any of the all-pro players, but there are some notable absences from the teams. Vizicsacsi, Alphari and Amazing all had strong splits, but didn’t quite make the cut.

Stay tuned this week as we wait for the MVP of the split to be revealed before Saturday’s finals match between Schalke and Fnatic.

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