This is how to get the Thresh blood donor skin.

Riot Games have teamed up with a Dutch blood bank to provide a unique skin in League of Legends. Everyone loves getting free stuff, especially when you get free skins, which is precisely what is happening in the Netherlands.

Dutch blood bank, Sanquin, has partnered with Riot Games to give away free skins to players who donate blood. The #MyFirstBlood campaign encourages League of Legends players to take part in giving blood. To sweeten the deal, other than the biscuit you get afterwards, is the Blood Moon Thresh skin.


First released in 2015, the Blood Moon skin for Thresh does look absolutely fantastic and is very apt for the blood drive.

How do you get the skin?

Well, it looks like you will have to be in the Netherlands, sadly. If you are, then you need to sign up through the Sanquin website linking your League account. You have until now and the end of December which gives you plenty of time to get your blood levels up before heading out.

Sanquin is also getting involved with more League of Legends stuff, with them sponsoring the Dutch coverage of the EU LC.

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