The NA LCS playoffs are packed with individual talent, but we won’t see a lot of that talent until the semifinals. Anyone searching for a win against Team Liquid or Cloud9 should be keeping an especially close eye on a few specific players.

First up is Team Liquid’s Doublelift. NA’s top bot laner should be the undisputed MVP of the summer split. He’s the constant win condition for his team and if opponents don’t shut him down, then there’ll be no stopping TL. Of course, that also makes the strategy for beating TL rather simple. If you can shut down their bot lane, either in the draft or in the early game, then there’s a good chance of taking them down.

Shutting down Doublelift will be a priority for TL’s opponents

When it comes to C9, it’ll be important to keep an eye on Blabber. Although he’s had a tremendous debut, Blabber has a history of making big mistakes. This will be his first foray onto such a grand stage and the pressure will be on. A poor showing from him could spell disaster for C9.

The same is true for Zeyzal. He needs to be at the top of his game as he tries to protect Sneaky in the bot lane. The playoffs are his chance to prove that choosing him over Smoothie was the right choice for C9.

But before thinking about Zeyzal or Blabber, the first thing any team going up against C9 needs to do is find a solution for Jensen’s Zilean. In over three years, he’s never lost an LCS game on the champion. Whether it’s banning Zilean right away or having a counter, something has to be done to keep him in check.

Catch Cloud9 and Team Liquid in action next weekend when they take on the winners of the quarterfinals matchups.

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